Zodiac Sign: Time To Debunk The Myth


Zodiac sign: real or make-believe?

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Zodiac Sign:
Time To Debunk The Myth

Are you the type of person who faithfully follows his or her own zodiac sign?  Are you fascinated by the flowery tone of your horoscope, that “supposedly” applies to every single human being ever born under your sign from all over the world since the beginning of time? Well, it’s time for you to learn the truth about the zodiac.

To put it mildly, it ain’t what you think it is.  Or, to put it bluntly, it’s hogwash!

Like Santa Claus, most people follow and believe in their zodiac sign simply because they’ve been conditioned to do so. Our parents did it. Our parent’s parents did it. All of our friends are doing it, so, as a means of belonging, we do it too.  We’ve frequently been told that “Taurus” is this or “Cancer” is that, so we’ve chosen to believe whatever we’ve been told without ever attempting to learn anything on our own. In fact, some people have made critical life choices by entering or even exiting a relationship based solely on the myth of a zodiac sign.

So, for all of you lazy “couch psychologists” out there who live your lives based on your zodiac sign without ever taking a single second to actually learn anything about astrology, here’s the lesson that will change your entire life.

zodiacDo you know the origins of the zodiac? Of course, you don’t.  After all, why would you, when you can simply look into a magic crystal ball called a horoscope and get all the answers to the secrets of life? Well, according to NASA, the zodiac signs were invented 3000 years ago by the Babylonians, who linked them to the constellations they saw in the skies above them. However, a lot has changed in 3000 years — on the earth and in the sky.  As the space agency notes, a wobble in the Earth’s axis has caused the position of those constellations to shift over time. Additionally, the world is no longer following the 10-month calendar used during the days of the Romans that originally began with the month of March:

Martius (31 Days), Aprilis (30 Days), Maius (31 Days), Iunius (30 Days), Quintilis (31 Days), Sextilis (30 Days), September (30 Days), October (31 Days), November (30 Days), December (30 Days).

In modern times, we added the months of January and February as well as Daylight Saving Time and Leap Year, which stretched the calendar from 304 days to 365.  So, even if you believe in the stars, those constellations the Babylonians saw 3000 years ago are no longer in the same spots today as they were then — which means that the time of year the Babylonians believed a zodiac sign occurred in, now occurs in a totally different month than we think.

“When [astrologers] say that the sun is in Pisces, it’s really not in Pisces,” noted Parke Kunkle, a member of the Minnesota Planetarium Society. Your astrological sign is determined by the position of the sun on the day you were born (and not the position of the sun 20 or more years later on the day you celebrate your birthday), which means everything you thought you knew about your zodiac sign is wrong.

If you ask NASA’s opinion on astrology, it doesn’t mince words: “It’s not science,” the space agency notes with a banner headline that reads “First Things First: Astrology Is Not Astronomy!”

NASA spokesman Dwayne Brown wanted to make this particular point crystal clear: “NASA studies astronomy, not astrology.” For anyone who’s unclear, astronomy is the study of objects and matter outside the earth’s atmosphere and of their physical and chemical properties. Astrology is more of a carnival game and is defined as the divination of the supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects.

One is real. The other is a make-believe relic of ancient history.


Astrological lies

No, astrology is not science. No one can prove that the alignment of the stars some 3000 years ago can accurately predict the future or even describe what people are like today based solely on the date of their birth. Still, like Santa and the Easter Bunny, humans love a good fantasy story. So, it provides a false sense of security to read their supposed “horoscope” in the newspaper to see into their future and give them a roadmap into how they should live their everyday lives.

For example, Mary’s birthday is August 4th. When she says, “I’m a Leo,” she means that on her birthday, the imaginary line from Earth, through the Sun, and out into space on the other side of the Sun points to the constellation Leo.

The only problem is, it doesn’t! It may have 3000 years ago, but with factors that have affected our measurement of time, it no longer does today.  Here’s a more thorough explanation.

Imagine a straight line drawn from Earth through the Sun and out into space well beyond our solar system where the stars are. Then, picture Earth following its orbit around the Sun. This imaginary line would rotate while pointing to different stars throughout one complete trip around the Sun — which we consider to be one year. All the stars that lie close to the imaginary flat disk swept out by this imaginary line are said to be in the zodiac.

Within our history, people imagined that constellations were important symbols along with stories of their gods and other myths. However, in modern times, we took things a step further. We convinced ourselves that every person EVER born or EVER TO BE born under an invisible line of constellations would share the exact same personality traits.  Never mind that the human brain and the function of human personality is one of the most complex systems ever invented — zodiac sign believers convinced themselves that such complexities could be magically simplified and easily summed up with one word: a zodiac sign.


Such is the power of conditioning.  For example, whenever we hear someone sneeze we always say “Bless You.”  We have no idea why we say it or care about the origins of how such a practice started.  We don’t bother to take the time to actually learn that in ancient times, our ancestors believed a sneeze was the body’s way of ridding itself of evil spirits, or that the soul temporarily left the body during a sneeze. So, saying “Bless You” immediately afterward was believed to prevent evil spirits from re-entering the body during the temporary vacancy of the soul.

Well, does anybody today actually believe such an ancient myth? Of course not. Yet, we all STILL say “Bless You” right on cue. Why? Because we’ve been conditioned to do so, that’s why. Just like we’ve been conditioned to believe that all zodiac sign creations from 3000 years ago are accurate and relevant today.

Interestingly, we don’t allow society to place us in a box and say (for example) that all white people are racist, or all gay people have HIV. Yet, we allow society to place us in a box and say all Gemini’s are schizophrenic or all Scorpios are stingers. Does that really make any logical sense?

When the Babylonians first invented the 12 signs of the zodiac, a birthday between July 23rd and August 22nd referred to being born under the constellation Leo. Now, 3,000 years later, the sky has shifted because Earth’s axis (North Pole) doesn’t point in quite the same direction.  So, using our earlier example, Mary’s August 4th birthday would mean she is not a Leo but was actually born under the sign of Cancer (one constellation “earlier”).


You see, the constellations are different sizes and shapes, so the Sun spends different lengths of time lined up with each one. The line from Earth through the Sun points to Virgo for 45 days, but it points to Scorpius for only 7 days. The Sun is also aligned with Ophiuchus for about 18 days each year — which was once considered a 13th zodiac sign that was later eliminated. To make a tidy match with their 12-month calendar, the Babylonians ignored the fact that the Sun actually moves through 13 constellations, not 12. Then they assigned each of those 12 constellations equal amounts of time. In order for their zodiac to make sense, the Babylonians picked Ophiuchus to leave out. Even then, some of their chosen 12 signs didn’t fit neatly into their assigned slice of the pie and slopped over into the next one. Additionally, Libra didn’t even enter the picture until the era of Julius Caesar (of whom the month of July was eventually named after).


FAST FACT: A variety of other cultures and traditions recognize as many as 24 constellations in the zodiac. Ancient Chinese culture believes in a system connected to animals, such as the Year of the Rat, or the Year of the Rooster.  Whose system is right?


Yes, this is a lot of information to consume — particularly for those who may have spent decades following this astrological belief system without ever really learning the facts.  So, here is a summary of what we know:

  • The Babylonians invented the zodiac based on the position of the stars and an imaginary line in space some 3000 years ago.
  • The zodiac is based on the theory that the imaginary line has never shifted even an inch during its 3000 years, which would throw the entire concept of signs out of its intended alignment.
  • There was originally a 13th sign that was deleted in order to accommodate the desired need for an even set of 12 zodiac signs.
  • The change of earth’s rotational axis over 3000 years, as well as modern tweaks to our current day calendar, prevents the total accuracy of the original zodiac within our generation.
  • With 7.125 billion people living on earth, it’s mathematically impossible and absolutely illogical to read a newspaper horoscope and believe those few lines of type somehow magically apply to at least a million living humans (from the rice fields of China to the Amazon forests of Brazil) who supposedly fall under the category of a particular sign.


Oh, and here’s another: Astronomy is not astrology. One is a science that should be taken seriously, while the other is a carnival game for entertainment purposes only. While 31% of society believes in the zodiac, 61% of society is wise enough to know better.

Which one are you?






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  1. Oh, and here’s another: Astronomy is not astrology. One is a science that should be taken seriously, while the other is a carnival game for entertainment purposes only. […]

    Lol. Thanks for the entire post DJ.

    Btw- I can't say I'm surprised by how many people don't know the difference between "Astronomy" and astrology.

    Suffice it to say, I'm not into the Zodiac..not in the literal sense anyway. I will admit that I have, on occasion, noticed how certain people whom I know personally – and were born under the "same sign" – sometimes have a few very similar personality traits.

    But that's as far as it goes with me….lol

    • Hey Truth I used to think the same thing until somebody reminded me how people have other similarities besides a sign. Your friends could have the same traits because they are black or around the same age or a whole lot of reasons. It doesn't have to be zodiac. But people always jump to that as the reason because it is the easiest to explain when it probably isn't even true.

      • Yep. I hear you BD and for the most part I'm in agreement with you my friend.

        I certainly understand people of shared cultural backgrounds having similar cultural characteristics. It's to be expected.

        But personality traits are different.

        • But what about all the people you know who are the same sign but are nothing alike. Because if it works one way it should work the other right? One of my coworkers was saying he believes in the zodiac because a few times he read his horoscope and it was exactly true. But then I asked him what about all the other times he read it and it wasn't true? I guess a few people or a few examples is not enough to make something true.

          • But what about all the people you know who are the same sign but are nothing alike.? […]

            You're right BD. And in my initial response you will please note that I said:

            "on occasion" I've noticed how certain people whom I know personally – and were born under the "same sign" – SOMETIMES have a few very similar personality traits.

            Stop trying to pick a friendly fight with me….Lol.

  2. This was a long article today and I had to read it in two parts but this was really good information to know DJ. You are right a lot of people believe whatever they hear and don't take time to learn for themselves. People read a horoscope and see one thing that applies to them and they are hooked. But they ignore all the other times they read a horoscope and it has nothing to do with them. So people believe what they want to believe. There might be something to us being connected to the stars and planets and all but I don't think we figured it out correct yet. But what bothers me is when people start saying I can't date him or her because they are Pice's or whatever. That is just being ignorant.

  3. Yeah people forget somebody made this bull crap up. One day some babylonian looked up at the sky, saw some star and said I think that star means this. I think that star means that. They everybody followed him like assholes and believed it. What's worse is dumb asses are still believing that crap to this day. That is some dumb bs

  4. Wow! I honestly didn't think this topic was that serious. But I guess I was wrong.

    Though it's still just a fun topic for me, evidently, for some people (maybe even many people) it's taken much more seriously.