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TGIF: Sprayable Sleep?

Lifestyle – TGIF: Sprayable Sleep? Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you often toss and turn at night with no available remedy of getting some quality shut-eye? Well, if you’re like most Americans the answer...


TGIF: The Truth About Racism

.. Current Events – TGIF: The Truth About Racism Despite popular belief of those in denial, racism is still alive and well. Yet, how many of us know and understand the TRUTH about racism?


‘Caitlyn Jenner’ To Receive Bravery Award

Current Events – ‘Caitlyn Jenner’ To Receive Bravery Award Although it probably took a certain amount of courage for Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner to publicly announce to the world that he is now a woman, is...


Bruce Jenner: ‘Call Me Caitlyn’

e Entertainment – Bruce Jenner:  ‘Call Me Caitlyn’ Former Olympian and Kardashian clan patriarch Bruce Jenner shocked the world yesterday, by introducing to the masses his new female persona and name.  “Just call me...

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